The Emerald Dream

The Emerald Dream is a vast and ever-shifting dimension of spirits and nature magic that defies mortal perceptions of reality. Time and distance hold no meaning in this intangible realm, and a day on the physical world and feel like decades in the Dream.

EmeralddreamI traveled to a verdant forest sanctuary with my wife which was a launchpad to another dimension. We took two trips on two nights. First, a gentle Hawaiian space cruiser that caressed our souls, then a Peruvian rocketship that took me on a cosmic rollercoaster ride through the universe.

Our guide was Galadriel, the Elf Queen, who had piercing bright portal eyes, and a voice so achingly beautiful that it tore my heart apart with exquisite fractal love and reassembled it with waves of energy that felt like ecstatic magma. Forging my heart and soul with the powerful caress of Mother Nature.

On the first evening, the Aloha spirit was gentle. She whispered in my ear, “You’re on the right path…” and showed me my life and the power of choice. “You can choose whatever you want. Reality is a choice.” Early in the journey, I refueled and was gripped with fiery liquid tendrils of energy that gripped my body and being, squeezing my shadows out. After that intense experience, the rest of the night was a journey of bliss and relaxation.

I stepped out into the cool forest air and gazed at the living painting of the night sky shimmering. I was staring the magical fabric of reality and the stars whispered to me with mysterious messages.

The next morning, the wife and I went for a stroll on the ocean cliffs. It was a beautiful day. We relaxed in the sanctuary and waited for our second journey.

On the second evening, I sat with Galadriel and told her, “I want it to be more powerful tonight.” She stared deep into my eyes… as if to make sure I was ready. As the room went dark, I sat back into my seat, waiting for liftoff. Galadriel brought a copilot tonight, Drum Warrior, who alternated with Galadriel in piloting the rocketship.

Immediately, we took off to another dimension. A large cosmic temple structure filled with Divine presence, made of geometric patterns and eyes, filled my mind’s eye. I was overwhelmed with its intensity. The rest of the evening was a journey to other dimensions where I connected to Divine Grandmother, Great Spirit, and the Spirit of the Tribes of Man. My consciousness got stuck in a loop between complete Love/Surrender and Shadow/Control. I metaphysically experienced the danger of desire to control chaos and how that can lead to tyranny. I was at the edge of reality and struggled to come back to this dimension. It was intense and terrifying.

I summoned my Warrior spirit and sat up in the cockpit. A giant Jaguar god gazed down at me, its presence towering over me. It was a reminder to always find the Inner Warrior and sit or stand straight and face chaos head-on, with Strength within Shadow.

Finally, the candle was lit, I returned to my body, and felt intense gratitude to be human again. It was good to be home.



Don’t Panic!

“Since when in the history of civilization, has panic been the proper solution to… anything?”

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog. There’s actually lots I want to write about. I’ve had lots of journeys and experiences.

I think the biggest insight I’ve gained in the past few months is the need for responsibility, emotional resilience, and faith.

After reading some interviews with Elon Musk and learning how Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series really impacted him, I finally got around to reading it. We are living in an age where “psychohistory” is not predicting a good future, and I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about these topics…

We are crossing four of the nine Planetary Boundaries, our collective sensemaking apparatus is in complete disarray, and everything is shifting exponentially.

Coming soon, posts on:

  • My Burning Man experience.
  • Redwood forest interdimensional travel.
  • Ayahuasca cosmic temple journeys.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, Don’t Panic!


Tranquility Leads to Transcendence

I’ve been on a journey the past three years. Seeking. Finding myself. Unplugging from the Matrix. My grandfather named me based on the following Chinese 成語 , 寧靜致遠。


Translation is a subtle thing.

  • Find Peace and One will Go Far in Life.
  • Keep Calm and Follow Through.
  • Tranquility Leads to Transcendence.

Names are a powerful thing. I was blessed with a good name. It literally translates to King of Transcendence. I’ve been seeking Higher Consciousness and found it through various modalities. This post is about these Red Pills.


“You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland… and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

I was hanging out with Redbeard a few weeks ago, an old friend. He tells me,

“You’ve been on my todo list for years. To meet up with you, so you can explain LIFE to me.”

I’ve been using several primary modalities to increase consciousness. The synergy between the methods has felt like a deep cleaning of my consciousness, excavating trauma and breaking limiting beliefs.

1) Plant Medicines & Psychedelics

Android Jones-Humming Bird Dragon with credits (1200px, 15fps).gif

  • Psilocybin
  • Ayahuasca
  • Bobinsana
  • Huachuma
  • Singada
  • Vilca
  • 5MEO-DMT

2) Yoga & Meditation

  • Jivani Yoga TT
  • The Cutting Machinery

3) Personal Development Work

  • PSI Seminars
  • Kwik Learning
  • JP Sears
  • Burning Man
  • Miss Rabbit

All of these different modalities have been profoundly transformative for me.

The Long Road. It never ends.

The Genie

I’ve been thinking a lot about our ability to manifest. Law of Attraction. The Secret. Think and Grow Rich. Recently, I’ve been following the work of Jordan Peterson. He has a profound way of describing consciousness and being.

“The world is actually made of potential, and that potential is actualized by consciousness.”

Genie Rules:

Rule #1: I can’t kill anybody.

Rule #2: I can’t make anybody fall in love with anybody else.

Rule #3: I can’t bring people back from the dead.

Sounds pretty similar to our subconscious minds. We have more practical limits than a genie at least in terms of efficiency, but the fundamental truth is that we can grant ourselves almost anything wish if we are committed to the intention.

The key to this is to actually continually evolve ourselves to Truth.

“The Truth is something that burns. It burns off deadwood, and people don’t like having their deadwood burned off, oftentimes because they are like 95% deadwood.”

One of the things that has been profound recently is a commitment to the Truth. In marriage, in friendships, and in business.


“If you want to have a good relationship, man, you embed it in the Truth because if you don’t embed it in the Truth, you don’t have a relationship.”

A Truth that is uncomfortable for people that I’ve recently been exploring is the idea that we have evolved for millions of years as a male dominance selection hierarchy mediated by female choice.

“The dominance hierarchy is something that breeds heroes.”

Heroes are meta-admirable, and the ideal person, the ideal man, is the person who tells the Truth. This always leads me back to the rabbit hole of the Red Pill from the Matrix.


Which led me to this documentary, The Red Pill.

“All that my film advocates for is critical thinking for yourself as a viewer.” -Cassie Jaye

It was an interesting documentary. These days, with all the different loud factions spreading hate and fear and victim consciousness, there needs to be a greater focus on Truth and Responsibility.

We cannot find the Truth until we release our self-delusional frames of reality. We need to set the Genie free. Rather than wishing for things for our ego or worldly desires, we need to let go and discover our purpose that is greater than ourselves.