Consciousness 101

A few years ago, the messages from the universe began calling me to expand my consciousness. I was a high paid expat executive and was living a fast paced lifestyle, jetsetting, partying.

I was feeling disillusioned with my work and my life, and I started seeking.

I was friends with a Bitcoin millionaire, The Chairman, who I partied with every year in Singapore. He would have tables at Ku De Ta (one of the best views from a club in the world) or Pangaea (most expensive club in the world at the time) every night, and the tab would usually be five figures ($USD). The Chairman operated on hyperdrive. He was always thinking at lightspeed, partying like a madman, and focused on world changing disruptive technology, especially Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Our mutual friend Jewel told me,

“I’m not sure how smart The Chairman actually is, I think he just does a lot of smart drugs.”

Smart drugs. I had never heard of them really. I watched Limitless on one of my flights across the globe and decided to look into these smart drugs.

I became a biohacker.

I was living in Taipei at the time, and I also began listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. I watched his Talking Monkeys in Space special and during the Q&A, Joe talks about DMT. I blog about this in the future, and at that moment I decided, I needed to connect with these geometric beings of light made of love and understanding.

I signed up for a membership at Dream Water, a floatation tank center in Taipei, and started doing 90 minute to 2 hour floats in an isolation tank every week.

Oldboy, an old friend from my past had found me through chance. Oldboy and I were in Taipei together in our youth. We spent a summer exploring Taiwan with a group of friends back in 1991, and my dad had taken a bunch of us out to lunch that summer. Oldboy and I lost touch with each other in that pre-digital era, and I never saw him again after that summer.

One day, I received an email from my dad:

“I ran into your friend Oldboy. He asked for your email.”

Oldboy had randomly attended one of my dad’s lectures. My dad is a well known scientist, and Oldboy somehow remembered his face from a lunch over 20 years ago. Synchronicity!

Oldboy and I would go out for beers in Taipei regularly, and he told me about his life and struggles and how meditation saved his life. He gave me a CD and a printout with meditation instructions. It was a 40 minute guided meditation. I started doing it daily.

I ended up getting restructured out of my executive position and had an option to move back to HQ in the US, or taking a six figure severance package.

Here I was at the end of 2013, biohacking with smart drugs, exploring floatation tanks and meditation, and suddenly restructured out of a job and flush with cash. Something was brewing.

My initial plan was to take 2014 off and travel, consult, and take some time to find myself. Little did I know at the time, what this journey would bring or how much of myself I would end up finding.

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