Bali Shrooms

August 2014

I had a calling to do psychedelic mushrooms on the island of Gili Trawangan after reading the Vice article about this Magic Mushroom Milkshake Island. I was doing an extended consulting gig in Kuala Lumpur, and my friend Richie Samchun from Korea was vacationing in Bali with his son, so I made a last minute spontaneous trip to Bali on my way home to Taipei, where I was living at the time.

When I arrived at the Westin Nusa Dua where we stayed, Richie was waiting with five bags of psilocybin mushrooms. Synchronicity. I manifested the shrooms without making it to Gili Trawangan. That evening, we munched down the shrooms, and went to the beach (filtered image above), relaxing and waiting for the shrooms to kick in.


We settled into some comfortable bean bags on the sand. The colored lights, warm tropical air, and lounge music blended with the soundtrack of ocean waves seemed to be perfectly designed for a psychedelic experience. As the shrooms kicked in, tears started streaming down my face and I started feeling pure joy and love in my heart. I just sat with the feeling, and didn’t have much desire to speak. Richie and I sat enjoying paradise and just let the feelings of joy and love wash over us. After a few hours, it began to get cold, and we went back to our rooms.

When I got back to my room, I ran a hot bubble bath, and soaked the chill from my bones. The bubbles were overflowing onto the bathroom floor, and the psychedelic effects of the shrooms began to peak. The mountain of bubbles I was swimming were a magical universe of sparkling multi-colored matter, which simultaneous overlaid in my mind as a pattern of galactic web of stars and the neurons of the brain. I was sensing the fractal patterns of reality, and after soaking for a while, I put on the robe, and climbed into bed.

I could see the fabric of the universe pulsing in waves, especially on the bed sheets. My senses were enhanced and the smell of the bug spray in the room really started to get to me. I called the front desk, and asked them to change rooms. They told me they would someone up to change my room. I went out onto the balcony to escape the bug spray and stood there in my bathrobe, waiting. A gecko was on the wall, so I looked at it and telepathically communicated with it.gecko

“Gecko, speak to me!”

The Gecko replies:

“You suck at speaking to animals. You need to go and do Ayahuasca.”

A young bellboy arrived to help me move my luggage to the new room and I could sense the anxiety in his entire being. He was afraid that I was an upset Western tourist. However, I was still flooded with feelings of joy and love. After we got to the new room, I reached into luggage, looking for my wallet. The young man nervously offered to go back to the old room to look for it. I found my wallet and handed him a 10,000 Rupiah tip (~USD $7.50) and his eyes grew wide with shock. “For me?” he asked, confused, and I said yes. He immediately relaxed and nodded, “Thank you. Please let me know if you need anything else.”

I climbed into bed, and decided to listen to some music. The first song I randomly chose was La Boda, by Aventura. The tempo changes throughout the song and in the middle, there are little voices that echoed in the song

“hicimo un pacto de palabra
(un pacto de palabra)
y yo te amo y tu me amas
(yo te amo y tu me amas)

I thought I was hallucinating and the shroom spirits were talking to me through the song…
“We made a pact. I love you and you love me.”

I slept amazingly well, and spent the next few days exploring Bali nearby before headed onward to Gili Trawangan.

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