Welcome to the Jungle

May 2015

I had the calling. It was time to visit The Jungle.

I met The Mexican Painter at the Houston airport, and we continued onward to Lima, Peru. It was a long journey ahead, physically and metaphorically. After staying the night in a ghetto hotel near the airport and just getting a few hours of sleep and a hot shower, we continued onward to Pullcapa then Iquitos by plane. We arrived at the airport in Iquitos, got our luggage, took a bus to the flooded docks, where we boarded a boat for a journey down the river. I had traveled over 24 hours and finally arrived at the Sanctuary, deep in the jungle.

I experienced geometric patterns in my mind’s eye and communed with The Spirit Mother. I received profound healing, and received many messages from the universe. It was sensual, magical, and ineffable.

Love and Abundance

Strength Over Power

Wisdom of Spirit

Celebration of Love


Gaia told me:

“Open your wife’s heart. Mother Earth misses her.”


I traveled to another cosmic dimension where the shamans soared through the universe on a Cosmic Space Ark. I saw visions of a future where my mission is to raise the collective consciousness of humanity.


After the retreat in the jungle, the Painter, myself and Wildchild joined us in Cusco and we integrated our experiences together. Wildchild is a painter, wildivore and a beautiful spirit from Australia. She and I connected in the jungle where geometric patterns enclosed our hearts as we embraced one of the nights after ceremony.

The Painter, Wildchild, and I spent the week trekking to Machu Picchu. We met a soul tribe which consisted of us, our Peruvian tour guide, two French Canadian blondes from Montreal, and an Argentinian family of four (parents and two sons) who could have starred in a Latin American soap opera. We were a very good looking tribe.

It was a great journey, and in my heightened state, many messages from the Universe came across. I knew at that time that my relationship with the plants was just beginning, and many journeys were ahead.

Aubrey Marcus made a great documentary about the experience which can be found here and Amber Lyon also has a great interview with Don Howard:

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