The Pilgrimage

September 2015

I went on a Huachuma Pilgrimage in Peru. It was a twenty day journey to the high Andes in Peru, visiting various ancient sites. We visited Batan Grande (pictured above), where I felt the power emanating from the grand pyramid and watched the face of God manifest through the sunset. I survived the dark energy of El Brujo where I experienced a vision of my chest being sliced open and my heart pulled out of my chest, still beating. The Millennium Tree spoke to me and showed me the force of universal consciousness pushing through its branches, spreading its seeds and life force into the world. I wandered the labyrinths of the Temple of Chavin, felt the power of the Lanzon flow through me, and experienced a transformation into a jaguar spirit with a soulmate from another lifetime. I communed with my unborn daughter spirit baby, who I wasn’t ready to bring into this world. I held space in a ceremony at Heaven’s Gate and gave an offering to Pachamama.

It was a visionary quest where the primary message from the universe was a word that resonated within my being… Architect. My mission was to architect something… something BIG. What that was, I didn’t know at the time, however, it had to do with my previous Ayahuasca and Huachuma journeys deep in the Amazon jungle…

A quest to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. Para El Bien De Todo.

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