Bulletproof Exorcist

September 2016

I had gotten four tickets to the Joe Rogan Triggered show, live at the Icehouse in Pasadena. When I bought the tickets I was planning to put together a group to go see the show with Mystic. The Mystic wasn’t able to make it, so at the last minute, I invited The Hatter, Hapa Alice, and Cage. Joe was hilarious and insightful as always. We had a great time at the show, and afterwards, I returned to the Mystic’s house, in his guest room.

It turns out that Mystic is married to a real-life professional exorcist, so I was staying in the “Spirit Room”. It was energetically cleaned, and had five lanterns hanging over the bed, representing Water, Earth, God, Goddess, and Work. There was beautiful artwork on the walls, and shelves with herbs, incense and other witch supplies. That weekend, I stayed up late each evening chatting with the Mystic in the Spirit Room. The Lanterns would occasionally move suddenly, the lights would flicker, and there was definitely a presence in the room. The Mystic introduced me to using a cauldron to burn incense and herbs, and it was a… well, mystical experience.

I got a cauldron shortly afterwards as well as an order of mixed herbs from the Witch Super Center. Yes, that actually exists.

That weekend, the Wonderland Company had also acquired some tickets for the 4th annual Bulletproof Conference, and I went for a couple days with Hapa Alice and the Mystic. I tried out all the different equipment in the Bulletproof Lab hyperbaric oxygen chambers, electromagnetic coil charging, and other crazy bio-hacking gear. I also picked up some gear and supplements for home, my favorite being the Sleep Induction Mat.


Since that weekend, Spliff and I use the cauldron regularly to “marinate” and smoke our spliffs. It gives a ceremonial spirit to our smoking sessions, and we take the time to set intentions and connect to the universe.

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