Think Different

This morning, I had a talk with my wife about the startup we are building. She has been stressed out, as I’ve spent over a year working with and funding, from her perspective, a homeless man who smokes a ton of weed, as my business partner. I told her,

“I know, we are crazy.”

I then put on this video for her.

We dug into her passion for education, and I told her that our AI avatar system could revolutionize education. I went to the backyard, and blazed a couple spliffs with Spliff, then we came inside and watched a few more Steve Jobs videos.

The internal meeting where Jobs announced the “Think Different” campaign.

Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

After watching these Steve Jobs videos, it really gave us the conviction that we are on the right path. Artificial intelligence is coming fast, and we are playing our part in the revolution, to impart a conscience in the work that we do in this exploration of artificial and social “consciousness.”

Having been fired a few times now in my corporate career, I can connect the dots and see how each of these events has led me to my current path. I can see that my twenty one years of technical experience in the video gaming industry has given me the tools and resources to change the world. I can see how a series of seemingly random events, unreal journeys and crazy ideas created the synergy between Spliff and I has led us to the current project(s) we are building.

As Jobs’ references in the Stanford Commencement Speech, the final issue of the Whole Earth Catalog:

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Words to live by.


One thought on “Think Different

  1. ‪This is well written! 👌🏼‬
    ‪Happy to connect 💕‬
    ‪Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your views! ☺️‬



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