Joe Rogan

I watched Joe Rogan: Triggered tonight. I had seen Joe live a couple months ago in Pasadena with The Hatter, Cage, and Hapa Alice. Rolling Stone calls him a 21st century Timothy Leary, and he was definitely a huge influence in my pursuit of higher consciousness.

A few years ago, when I was still living in Taipei, I watched Talking Monkeys in Space and at the end of the special, someone in the audience asked him about DMT.

“What I do like to partake in is shit that I know doesn’t kill you and changes the way you think, and those are called psychedelic drugs. And the only reason that those drugs are lumped in together with all the other drugs, is they’re afraid of the consequences socially. That’s what happened in the 60’s…

…and the craziest drug that is illegal is a drug that your own brain produces, and very people know about this. It’s called DMT. And not only does your brain produce it, but it’s in hundreds of different ecosystems, it’s in thousands of different plants, it’s literally, it’s produced by a thing in your brain that’s your third eye. It’s produced by a gland called the pineal gland…

…this gland, where they think most of this emanates from, in reptiles, it actually has a retina and a cornea and a lens. It’s a fucking eyeball. And it makes this incredibly potent psychedelic drug.

And when you smoke this stuff, you are transported into another fucking dimension… where you communicate with complex geometric patterns… that are made out of love and understanding. And I know that sounds crazy… that sounds like nonsense… it sounds like if that was real, for sure you wouldn’t be hearing about it from the Fear Factor guy.”

After hearing this, I knew I had to find this other dimension and communicate with these otherworldly beings.


Joe is awesome:

“…and I think that this life that you and I are experiencing, might just be one frame in some infinite movie that goes on forever and makes no sense to any of us….

…and I think that the one thing that we can choose to do…

we can choose to have more fun…
we can choose to party more…
we can choose to laugh more…
we can choose to take shit less seriously…

be a cooler person, tip more, cut the cunts out of your life, and have yourself a good fucking time!”

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