Creative Flow

I had just returned from The Ranch at the end of July, and was supercharged with energy. I had some peak experiences there and was in what felt like a permanent state of flow.

“What if we could use those peak experiences to make us whole, to render us holy?… and in Houston Smith’s immortal words: ‘Might we begin then to transform our passing illuminations into abiding light?'”


The flow state had been triggered for over a week, and my perceptions of colors was shifted. Blues and greens looked soothing and good, and reds and oranges were intense and gave me a headache. In a way, it felt as though I had lost my shadow, and the alignment of my state of being could only handle light and order.

I flew to Seattle for an interview for an executive management position at a major player in the virtual reality space. I played some amazing demos, had super high energy through the interview process (possibly to the point of freaking them out), and spent the evening with one of my best friends, Avenfeld. Avenfeld and I had an amazing dinner and conversation, which helped shift my perspective of the responsibility to change the world to a privilege to change the world.

After I returned to San Diego, the flow state increased in intensity, and it felt like I was overclocked and overheating. On the plus side, I reorganized much of the house, on the down side, I was unable to turn it off. To turn the flow dial down, I decided one morning to take a heavy dose of Bhang bar edible chocolate and laid on my Thai mattress in my office, listening to this Bruce Lee remix by Melodysheep on continual repeat:

I passed out for about an hour, and when I came to, my brain was reset. I felt calm and peaceful, and the edge of the flow was reduced. That afternoon, I took the kids to see Suicide Squad. I was so blazed, I don’t remember much of the movie, I just remember feeling the emotional beats of the movie, that it wasn’t very good, and that I was now in love with Harley Quinn.


I still don’t fully understand what happened to me.

Balance was restored. I ended up not getting the Seattle job, which in hindsight was a good thing, because it would have slowed down the progress on my journey to the current projects. I wouldn’t have gone on the Quantum Vegas Weekend trip or met Gandalf.

For one of our tech demos, we embedded the Be Water My Friend into it, and have been coding away and listening to it on repeat, nonstop for the past two weeks. Thank you, spirit of Bruce Lee for guiding us on this journey.

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