Undercover Chinese Dad

We went to see Star Wars: Rogue One on opening night in glorious IMAX 3D tonight with Mr. X and his friends. It was an amazing movie and experiencing the Star Wars universe with modern graphics and art direction gave me nostalgic chills juxtaposed with a fresh sense of delight. It felt like continuous cinematic eyegasms through an inspiring journey of courage and sacrifice. Mr. X is wearing a black Star Tours polo shirt, tucked into his jeans, and sneakers. He has Chinese Dad glasses and hair. Raptorman and Mr. X arrived at the theater first, so Raptorman asked Mr. X, “are your kids coming too?” Mr. X scoffs, “Kids?” Raptorman was shocked and thought to himself, “But you look like such a Chinese dad!”

After the movie, Raptorman and I hung out next to the theater with Mr. X and his young coder friend Starbrand. Raptorman blazed while explaining blaze++ to Starbrand, and we discussed coding for a while. Eventually, the conversation turned to nostalgia and the 80’s. It flooded Mr. X with stories of the past. He mentioned his favorite Battle Star Galactica episode about a Western cowboy planet and a Cylon cowboy named Redeye.

“It really stands out. Head and shoulders above the other episodes.”

Throughout the conversation, he also shared surprising things about himself from when he was a young man.

I said “Damn, you’re like a gangster with an underground past. I can hardly imagine it, I picture you back then with a Daft Punk helmet and a sparkly purple suit to hide your secret identity.” We all busted out laughing, especially Mr. X.


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