The avatar I’ve used for Spliff MacGyver and this website comes from this hilarious Taiwanese animation company, Tomo News (Chinese: 蘋果動新聞), previously known as Next Media Animation, NMA News and Taiwanese Animators.

With the recent passing of Prop 64 in California, acceptance of cannabis usage is becoming more mainstream. I use cannabis for creativity, perspective change, and of course recreationally at times. However, I prefer to do it very ceremonially, and I integrated a practice that was shared with me by a Jedi Yogi in Costa Rica to always have an intention when using medicine. We have a practice of writing an intention into the crutch of every spliff we smoke.

When I have the time or inclination, I also use a cauldron that I acquired not long after my Bulletproof Exorcist weekend in Pasadena a few months ago. We “marinate” the spliffs with various herbs that I ordered from the Witch SuperCenter. These give each puff a unique flavor and energy. Recently, to celebrate a milestone, we crafted a spliff cross that we blazed in the backyard.

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