The Infinite

The other night, I went on a trip to another dimension, where I connected to Infinity, Source, The Universe. It was a profound journey and as I returned to the launchpad, I encountered a white fractal demonic entity that was vile and terrifying. It was made of fractal insect/reptile energy scales, and pulsated in a horrifying frequency, and was attached to my soul.

“I need help.”

Hawk wings flapped over me, and the rhythmic beats calmed me and helped the energy flow as I faced and dove into the demon. I expunged the demon from my being with a series of hissing, guttural Predator-like growls. It felt as though I was shedding the toxic, energetic scales from my being.

When I fully returned to the launchpad, a vision of three beautiful goddesses greeted me. They radiated love and healing energy, and I embraced and absorbed the peace, love, and joy knowing that I had purged the shadow energy from my being.


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