The Quickening

I spent the weekend experiencing a Quickening. I turbocharged my mind and abilities and found clarity. During the journey, I met an energy healer from Thailand and connected with her. When we parted on Friday night, she held me close, stared into my eyes and said,

“Feel that fear.”

A feeling of darkness welled up in my chest up to my throat, and I loosened my jaw as she massaged my neck and touched my chin.

“Now, let it go.”

That night, in the hotel room, I was flowing with high energy, and had trouble sleeping.I was amped up on various nootropics, aqueous zeolite, and some mind training throughout the day.  I finally drifted to sleep, and experienced intense dreams. I woke up, and was purging dark energy out of my mouth… My throat chakra was being cleared, and when I became lucid, I didn’t know where I was.

I let go of some of the dark energy and let go of attachment and fear.

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