Leeroy Jenkins!!

Today is Leeroy Jenkins Day.

leeroycardTwelve years ago the original Leeroy Jenkins video was released on WarcraftMovies.com. It became an Internet meme and has spawned all sorts of hilarity.

World of Warcraft is definitely one of the greatest gaming experiences ever. As game designers, there’s something called emergent behavior, where players discover/create gameplay situations that weren’t planned.

My main character in WoW was Katiepuff, a female gnome mage. One of the most memorable moments was when we were on a Stratholme run, and we screwed up while clearing trash mobs and aggro’d an extra set of ghouls. The ghouls overwhelmed us, and killed Grunbrumbler, our dwarven warrior tank and the rest of the party. There was only two ghouls left, and only Verita, our night elf priest and I were still alive. I killed one of the ghouls, then I ran up to Verita, jumped up and down and typed:


She looked at me, turned her back on me and ran away. The ghouls overtook me and killed me, then she ran all the way back to the entrance (she wanted to save the time we needed to run back from the graveyard to the dungeon) and found that the gates were closed… We could see her fingernails clawing at the iron bars as a ghoul ate her alive.

We died laughing. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard… My stomach hurt for hours afterwards.

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