Clearing Darkness

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A few weeks ago, I went to a healing ceremony with Grandfather Sky conducted by a white witch from Peru. I was in paradise with a tribe of beautiful souls overlooking the ocean, as we set our intentions.

“Gratitude and Guidance”

As my third eye opened and the medicine kicked in, I relaxed on a bed on the patio and soaked in the sun. It was beautiful and I turned my eye inward. Organic patterns formed in my mind’s eye, and I was taken on a journey… It reached deeply back into my memories. I felt as though I was experience my birth, then as I dug in, I went further back… The geometric patterns brought me to the moment of conception. There was a beautiful organic cellular energy as I, as Source, entered this dimension. Intense.


Suddenly, I heard some screaming down at the beach. A woman was panicking and I got up and watched from the patio, as I saw some men swimming out towards the riptide. We were unsure what was happening, and we later found out that two of the woman’s friends/family members got pulled out by the riptide, but landed safely at the next beach over. Paramedics showed up and we watched the drama from above feeling the intense energy of the situation.

A little while later, a police officer came over to kick out a shirtless homeless guy who passed out in front of an apartment complex on the bluff overlooking the beach. The officer walked over to the edge of the bluff looking over the edge at the beautiful view, pausing. We could see the struggle inside his head, and how much he hated his job at that moment. He appeared to have a brief impulse to just dive off that cliff.

Suddenly, the officer visibly stiffened, went into bad cop mode, and strutted over and kicked the homeless guy’s beer can, startling him awake. The cop stood there with his hands on his hips, and the homeless guy gets up and starts talking back. The tension builds, and the homeless guy continues being belligerent as the cop gets visibly agitated at him. The tension continued to build until the homeless guy took off, talking back the entire time, trying to provoke the cops into reinforcing his own belief that he is a victim.

The energy settled, and it was a beautiful day. I had beautiful conversations with fellow men, and the medicine continued to work. I started to get visions of shadowy energy that was triggered by the events of the day. I explored within myself – what is the dark energy that has drawn shadow into my life… Visions of my paternal grandmother appeared… I sensed her resentment towards my grandfather, who was a typical man of his generation and culture: emotionally unavailable, at times angry, at times violent. I thought of people (men and women) that I’ve drawn into my life that I’ve helped and still ended up lost to shadow… What is the rescuer archetype that is drawing this into my life? What is it inside me?

The shadowy energy started to form into a gnarly fractal shadow energy enveloping my soul. I deliberately began to dig deep into that energy… It felt as though it was cutting my bubbling organic flesh with black blades, and that blood was dripping. It felt like a black widow spider fractal demon was wrapping around my being. Kinda like this, but terrifying.

I remembered the shaman’s words.

“If you need help, ask for it.”

I approached her and said “I think I need help.” She guided me to listen to the Grandfather Medicine…

“It’s fear. It has to do with acceptance from women.”

She tells me to listen to the medicine.


I let go, and felt the demonic spider consume me, and felt an intense vibration as my vision went to white, and my consciousness disappeared to another dimension. As I came to, I felt the wings of a hawk brushing away energy and the hand of an angel on my back. I looked up and thanked the angel David, and took a stroll to the beach to wet my feet in the ocean, and soak in the divine beauty of the cove we were in.

The Oatmeal created a great piece about resistance and how difficult it is to change our minds and how it creates an emotional backfire effect. Today, I was able to receive the gift events from the universe that helped trigger a release of energy. Recognizing our triggers and deciding to surrender and not to let them control us is the art of the release. There are many tools in the tool chest to develop, as long as we are willing to embrace them.amygdala.png

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