Surfing the Edge

I just completed the Summer Strong challenge at my yoga studio today. I did a few double headers during the month and completed something like 33 classes total and 16 boot camp and power yoga classes. In the past, I had a mental block about those classes… The edge was always uncomfortable. With the recent ceremonies I’ve been through and time with Miss Rabbit, there has been a massive clearing of energy. I recently also had my teeth deep cleaned at the dentist in two sessions involving lots of Novocain. Physical reality reflects the insides. My teeth are clean. My soul is clean.

In the past month, I’ve lost about seven pounds, my six pack is starting to show, and I’m getting a lot stronger. My energy is through the roof, and my ability to be present is better than it ever has been. Conversations, yoga, eating, breathing. Everything feels so vibrant and flowing.

It feels as though there are two versions of myself.

One version of me is a Zen, calm, and present version of myself, slowly melting my way through a lazy river version of the universe enjoying every moment with sensuality. The other me is on fire. It’s as though I am consciously triggering a form of psychosis with the right amount of delusion in order to move forward with purpose so that the right mistakes can be made. Pushing through fear. Finding the edge.

Then, a return to complete surrender…

What is the Universe telling me from those lessons?

Be Present… Listen…

Alternating between various modes of consciousness, perhaps even forms of insanity, in order to truly understand self and in turn, the universe. After all, insanity is just a label. Filters of consciousness.

Messages from the Universe: Embrace the Unknown… The Sacred Spiral is my ally…




“My Heart is Not a Clock.”

An Apology… That is also an Anthem.
Love is not something we wind up,
Something that we set or control.
Love… Is just like Art.
A Force that comes into our lives,
Without any rules, expectations, or limitations.
And every time I hear that line,
I am reminded that Love, like Art,
Must always be Free.


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