Yoda Moments

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” -Yoda

Lately, I’ve been having these Yoda Moments.


“If your soul / higher self / (whatever you want to call it) had a message for you, what do you think ‘it’ would say?”

Conversation with daughter:

“You’re triggered.”
“I know I’m triggered!”
“I can’t, I’m triggered.”
“You should meditate.”

Conversation with Miss Rabbit:

“Green. You aren’t seeing what I’m seeing here. I wish you could see through my eyes. This…” (overwhelmed with joy)
“I do.”

Shit, I kinda feel like a walking Jason Silva video.
It definitely feels like I’ve cleared away so much traumatic energy that my soul is clean.
As we experience trauma in our life, the energetic signature of the event lives in our nervous system like a fractal energy virus. It has demonic hooks and can take us over when triggered. Learning to master our responses and discerning whether we are acting from a present state or a triggered state is the practice of life.
Watched Wonder Woman today in IMAX 3D with my son.
“It’s not about deserve.
It’s about what you believe.
And I believe in love.
Only love can save the world.”

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