It was finally time for Miss Rabbit to meet The Wife.

The Wife’s heart opened on Monday as I held space. She had been taking CBD Oil for about a week, and it was letting out some of her demons.

Today, a few days after our 21st wedding anniversary, she is in love with me again for the first time in decades, and more deeply and intensely than ever before. It is wonderful and powerful and feminine. She was finally able to relax the death grip of control that she was clinging to for the past decade. It was as though before this week, she was in a constant fight or flight state underneath the surface. Her subconscious mind could not let go of the grip of fear as though she was on a never ending roller coaster. She was gripping so tightly, she couldn’t receive love anymore.

On Monday, I let go of all expectation of The Wife. I loved her enough to completely surrender. She had no choice but to be empowered. As she was reborn in a fiery genesis, full of rage, grief, sorrow, and fear, I just held space with loving detachment. I felt peace as her storm raged around me. I just repeated that I loved her, I energetically poured love into her. She asked me to leave, she ended the relationship. I allowed her to and went downstairs and slept in the guest room.

The next morning, she came down and told me she hadn’t slept all night. She asked,

“So what do you want to do?”

“Whatever you want to do.”

She kept repeating the question in different ways, and I gave her the same answer. Finally, she asked me to come upstairs. She told me how sick she was of the judgment she felt from her sisters. I told her to lay back and put on some music. She closed her eyes, and I performed a hands-on breathing practice that I learned from my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica a couple years ago. As I gently placed my hands on her heart, solar plexus, and belly, I directed love and visualized her life energy aligning along her chakras. She wept deeply for about twenty minutes, and I let her rest and went to yoga class.

She rested the rest of the day, and the next morning woke up and said,

“I think this is the first time I’ve ever had a good night’s sleep.”

She told me,

“I’ve been praying to God that I could love you again, and He finally answered my prayers.”

Over the next few days, I told her more about Miss Rabbit, and how we loved each other unconditionally. She was doing her best to understand and accept it.

The Rabbit Hole

I brought The Wife over to the Rabbit Hole

Miss Rabbit asked me,

“What was your wife’s name again?”

“No way. I’ve been seeing the word twin everywhere.”


We had a welcome call for the new business that we are starting together, and it was heartfelt and beautiful. Everyone shared from the heart.

“When you get to the other side. That’s where the good stuff is.”

We had a wonderful evening. I told the story of my career. I had some edibles, and had an interesting perspective of my past. I was looking at my previous self’s perspective through the lens of my current, wiser viewpoint. It was like seeing a Forrest Gump like man child stomping his way through life as though it was a video game.

Miss Rabbit cocks an eye at me, “I think this explains a lot about your wife’s situation.”

Miss Rabbit cooked a seafood stew and a beautiful quinoa avocado salad for dinner. We hung out until late into the night. I could see how much Miss Rabbit loved my wife. My wife was still healing, and her soul was raw and sensitive. The divine feminine energy is exactly what she needs. It is perfect.

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