Crypto Castles

A few days ago, I went to spend some time with the Godfather. I’ve known the Godfather for years now, meeting him at a dinner party in San Francisco over a decade ago. A few years ago, we hung out for a few days in Singapore and he talked about disruptive technologies including Bitcoin, drones, 3D printing and was full of life and energy. He hosted parties at the most exclusive nightclubs and was always surrounded by interesting, brilliant people.

The Godfather gave me a hug, put his hands on my shoulders, and smiled,

“Haven’t seen you in a minute, eh?”

“Let me introduce you to some people…”

He had just gotten the keys to a new house along the Venice canals, and there was a table full of crypto experts sitting around a table with their laptops, churning away, checking out ICOs, discussing blockchain technologies, and buzzing with creative excitement.

On the drive up, I listening to a futurism podcast that was talking about Blockchain:

It is the future.


I sat at a table, and a young blonde woman with bright eyes asked me,

“So what do you do besides this? (crypto)”

“Shamanism”, I replied.

She lit up and said, “Yes! They do go hand in hand.”

The Decentralization movement attracts an interesting mix of Hackers, Bankers, Libertarians, Anarchists, and Burners. A collision of the Technocracy and the Conscious Community. Code and Psychedelics.

“Who do you trust more? A third party? Or the fundamental laws of the Universe?”

Evening came, Amazon delivered bags of drinks and snacks, and guy wearing an EOS t-shirt arrives with several large pizzas. I chow down on a couple monster slices of heart attack pizza, covered with Canadian bacon as the futurism conversations continue.

It’s about time to go, so I head into the back room to say goodbye to The Godfather.

He puts his arm around me, looks me in the eyes and says,

“Alcohol. No good.
Weed. Some health benefits. I like it.
Cocaine, Opiates. Terrible. Absolutely terrible.
Psychedelics – uplifting. You know them well.
Now… my favorite drug of all is this.

He points at a small mound of white powder. It is a dissociative nootropic stack.

“I used to blast people off, but this is just like a sip of wine.”

He hands me a silver tube, with diamonds embedded into it.

“Silver. Kills bacteria.”

I place it to my nostril and snort the white powder. It begins to hit right away, and feels as though I’m slowly detaching my consciousness from my ego. I’m still looking through my eyes… but, I’m not exactly me. The hacker chemist who formulated the substance that I just took a hit of explains the chemistry behind what is hitting my brain, and it sounds like a foreign language. I look at him, with his messy orange hair and rainbow unicorn t-shirt, and the sheer absurdity and awesomeness of the experience hits me. My life has just been a series of wild adventures that get more surreal, more epic, and more world changing.

Suddenly, some feelings of Miss Rabbit come up. I can feel some connection with her and suddenly feel nauseous. I head into the bathroom and purge… from both ends. The pizza comes back up and out. It feels great. I spend some more time talking to the Godfather in a detached yet connected altered state.

I start feeling nauseuous again and the Godfather walks me upstairs.

“You can stay in the master bedroom. Overnight if you want. I have my other house down the street.”

I lay down on a furry blanket in the bed and hear a mosquito buzzing around. I am too tired and detached to be concerned about it and rest. I can feel myself letting go of everything. It felt as though Miss Rabbit was drifting away on her own raft, and I let her flow into her own stream of reality and whatever cosmic cord that attached me to her in Arrowhead was released. She will return completely in her own power now.

I drifted to sleep to the cacophony of tech chatter downstairs. A few hours later, I awoke to a quiet empty house with a mosquito bite on each of my elbows. It felt like a message that it’s time to focus on the mission, and let go of distractions. I have a rocketship to build.


Team Infinite

Team, Family,

We had a very wonderful and successful kickoff dinner and welcome call on Friday. I feel very aligned with this team, this family, and this mission, and I think we can make our mark on the world in the best possible way. I am going to compose this series of emails on a weekly basis for our team to review our week, our wins, and share the resources and links that come up each week.

First of all, let’s all get intimately familiar with Endocannabinoid system. – this page is a great resource.

These are available in the PMB backend: – these are great tracks to share with friends and listen to to further understand the business.

Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre:
Go Pro – It is < $5 and < 3 hours. Let’s absorb this content.

On Sunday night, we shared a beautiful ceremony where I felt as though we tuned our frequency to be in a beautiful harmonic tone, as we held space for each other.

“Everything we need is right here.”

We are planning a weekly schedule where we synch up on Monday morning to do goal setting.

This Monday, we did the Three Most Important Questions exercise together and found great alignment:

Travel, seeing the world, experiencing everything that life offers, bringing health, wellness, love to ourselves and humanity.

I received a text from Miss Rabbit while I was in yoga practice this morning:

I was thinking today of a place I would enjoy working. I began to consider what the perfect work environment would be. A company who’s mission and purpose is the expansion of consciousness on a large scale. For the masses. A company who works with projects globally to uplift and incorporate spirituality into all elements of humanity. To bring awareness and spark the innate internal asking of each individual. To bring joy, unconditional love, compassion, and combine the human aspects of the heart in conjunction with science. To display and spread the power and magic of the heart and the true purpose of life.

This captures the essence of the message I received from Mother Ayahuasca during my 4th ceremony in May 2015. I feel so aligned with this.

As I stood on the edge of the cliff, I stared out at sea, basking in the energy from the ocean wind, feeling the alignment in my life. Feeling joy, I heard some rustling, looked to my right, and right below my vantage point, was a beautiful red-tail hawk. I am pretty sure I saw the same hawk flying over my roadster on my way to yoga. Definitely, a sign.

The hawk can soar high and reach the heavens effortlessly. As most bird totems, this power animal is often considered as a messenger who brings messages from the spirit world and the unseen.


There are documentaries on Ayahuasca and Huachuma here: – let’s plan a movie night to watch these. I feel called for Ayahuasca and to see Gandalf.

Here is the schedule for Spirit Quest – I am thinking November or December this year feels right:

I’m interested in doing a plant dieta to commune with the plants as well after. This is a solo trip in isolation. If you guys are with me, you guys can either do huachuma or your own dieta as well:



Unconditional Love.
To Infinity and Beyond!

(Cover Image by Boxtail)


It was finally time for Miss Rabbit to meet The Wife.

The Wife’s heart opened on Monday as I held space. She had been taking CBD Oil for about a week, and it was letting out some of her demons.

Today, a few days after our 21st wedding anniversary, she is in love with me again for the first time in decades, and more deeply and intensely than ever before. It is wonderful and powerful and feminine. She was finally able to relax the death grip of control that she was clinging to for the past decade. It was as though before this week, she was in a constant fight or flight state underneath the surface. Her subconscious mind could not let go of the grip of fear as though she was on a never ending roller coaster. She was gripping so tightly, she couldn’t receive love anymore.

On Monday, I let go of all expectation of The Wife. I loved her enough to completely surrender. She had no choice but to be empowered. As she was reborn in a fiery genesis, full of rage, grief, sorrow, and fear, I just held space with loving detachment. I felt peace as her storm raged around me. I just repeated that I loved her, I energetically poured love into her. She asked me to leave, she ended the relationship. I allowed her to and went downstairs and slept in the guest room.

The next morning, she came down and told me she hadn’t slept all night. She asked,

“So what do you want to do?”

“Whatever you want to do.”

She kept repeating the question in different ways, and I gave her the same answer. Finally, she asked me to come upstairs. She told me how sick she was of the judgment she felt from her sisters. I told her to lay back and put on some music. She closed her eyes, and I performed a hands-on breathing practice that I learned from my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica a couple years ago. As I gently placed my hands on her heart, solar plexus, and belly, I directed love and visualized her life energy aligning along her chakras. She wept deeply for about twenty minutes, and I let her rest and went to yoga class.

She rested the rest of the day, and the next morning woke up and said,

“I think this is the first time I’ve ever had a good night’s sleep.”

She told me,

“I’ve been praying to God that I could love you again, and He finally answered my prayers.”

Over the next few days, I told her more about Miss Rabbit, and how we loved each other unconditionally. She was doing her best to understand and accept it.

The Rabbit Hole

I brought The Wife over to the Rabbit Hole

Miss Rabbit asked me,

“What was your wife’s name again?”

“No way. I’ve been seeing the word twin everywhere.”


We had a welcome call for the new business that we are starting together, and it was heartfelt and beautiful. Everyone shared from the heart.

“When you get to the other side. That’s where the good stuff is.”

We had a wonderful evening. I told the story of my career. I had some edibles, and had an interesting perspective of my past. I was looking at my previous self’s perspective through the lens of my current, wiser viewpoint. It was like seeing a Forrest Gump like man child stomping his way through life as though it was a video game.

Miss Rabbit cocks an eye at me, “I think this explains a lot about your wife’s situation.”

Miss Rabbit cooked a seafood stew and a beautiful quinoa avocado salad for dinner. We hung out until late into the night. I could see how much Miss Rabbit loved my wife. My wife was still healing, and her soul was raw and sensitive. The divine feminine energy is exactly what she needs. It is perfect.

The Endless Summer Mastermind

September 2015

I had talked to Tyson earlier in the year, before my first Ayahuasca journey in the Amazon. Tyson told me “You should talk to Victory, he did Ayahuasca recently.” I had gone to Victory’s wedding back in 2012, in Wellington. It was a great time, and during the best man toast, Tyson said “Victory and I used to work together at a video game company togther in the late 90s/early 2000s, and it was the best culture we ever experienced.” This was my startup that I built in Berkeley back in the day, and it was touching that two of my former employees felt this way.

We had a few conference calls, and we decided to form The Endless Summer Mastermind. The idea was that we wanted to create a new company, location independent, where we could work on meaningful projects and always be somewhere where the weather was warm and beautiful. Since Victory lived in New Zealand, and I was in San Diego, we decided to meet at Tyson’s house, as it was halfway in between, in Hawaii. The three of us met in Honolulu on September 6 as three hurricanes were converging on Hawaii.


“You guys picked an interesting week to visit, three hurricanes  are converging on Hawaii.”

Tyson says when we meet at his house. “Professor, use your shaman powers and redirect the hurricanes.” “No problem,” I reply and set the intention. A week later, it appeared it worked as all three hurricanes downgraded and swerved around from the islands.

Tyson then showed us his aquaponics setup and we did his morning core workout routine with him with ten minutes of heavy crunches and planks. We spent the week finding different outdoor spots to explore and brainstorm various ideas in technology of all flavors, virtual reality, internet of things, green tech, and more. Each day, we would find a new “conference room” to hold our sessions.

  • Conference Room A – Warm waters at the beach, bobbing with hurricane swells.
  • Conference Room B – Cliff bluff overlooking the ocean after a brambly hike through overgrown mountain paths.
  • Conference Room C – Clearing with a soft pine needle bed in a forest on the mountain trail.
  • Conference Room D – Rock in the middle of the ocean after snorkeling with sea turtles and jumping off a nearby cliff into the ocean several times.
  • etc…

Tyson and Victory were adventurers, so we spent time pushing ourselves physically, then doing deep brainstorms into the night at Tyson’s house. Victory was already working with Spliff on a virtual reality browser at this time, and had flown Spliff to New Zealand, where he got kicked out at customs. We decided that the four of us would explore working together on this virtual reality browser project, and I headed back to California to prepare for The Pilgrimage in Peru.

Consciousness 101

A few years ago, the messages from the universe began calling me to expand my consciousness. I was a high paid expat executive and was living a fast paced lifestyle, jetsetting, partying.

I was feeling disillusioned with my work and my life, and I started seeking.

I was friends with a Bitcoin millionaire, The Chairman, who I partied with every year in Singapore. He would have tables at Ku De Ta (one of the best views from a club in the world) or Pangaea (most expensive club in the world at the time) every night, and the tab would usually be five figures ($USD). The Chairman operated on hyperdrive. He was always thinking at lightspeed, partying like a madman, and focused on world changing disruptive technology, especially Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Our mutual friend Jewel told me,

“I’m not sure how smart The Chairman actually is, I think he just does a lot of smart drugs.”

Smart drugs. I had never heard of them really. I watched Limitless on one of my flights across the globe and decided to look into these smart drugs.

I became a biohacker.

I was living in Taipei at the time, and I also began listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. I watched his Talking Monkeys in Space special and during the Q&A, Joe talks about DMT. I blog about this in the future, and at that moment I decided, I needed to connect with these geometric beings of light made of love and understanding.

I signed up for a membership at Dream Water, a floatation tank center in Taipei, and started doing 90 minute to 2 hour floats in an isolation tank every week.

Oldboy, an old friend from my past had found me through chance. Oldboy and I were in Taipei together in our youth. We spent a summer exploring Taiwan with a group of friends back in 1991, and my dad had taken a bunch of us out to lunch that summer. Oldboy and I lost touch with each other in that pre-digital era, and I never saw him again after that summer.

One day, I received an email from my dad:

“I ran into your friend Oldboy. He asked for your email.”

Oldboy had randomly attended one of my dad’s lectures. My dad is a well known scientist, and Oldboy somehow remembered his face from a lunch over 20 years ago. Synchronicity!

Oldboy and I would go out for beers in Taipei regularly, and he told me about his life and struggles and how meditation saved his life. He gave me a CD and a printout with meditation instructions. It was a 40 minute guided meditation. I started doing it daily.

I ended up getting restructured out of my executive position and had an option to move back to HQ in the US, or taking a six figure severance package.

Here I was at the end of 2013, biohacking with smart drugs, exploring floatation tanks and meditation, and suddenly restructured out of a job and flush with cash. Something was brewing.

My initial plan was to take 2014 off and travel, consult, and take some time to find myself. Little did I know at the time, what this journey would bring or how much of myself I would end up finding.