Clearing Darkness

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A few weeks ago, I went to a healing ceremony with Grandfather Sky conducted by a white witch from Peru. I was in paradise with a tribe of beautiful souls overlooking the ocean, as we set our intentions.

“Gratitude and Guidance”

As my third eye opened and the medicine kicked in, I relaxed on a bed on the patio and soaked in the sun. It was beautiful and I turned my eye inward. Organic patterns formed in my mind’s eye, and I was taken on a journey… It reached deeply back into my memories. I felt as though I was experience my birth, then as I dug in, I went further back… The geometric patterns brought me to the moment of conception. There was a beautiful organic cellular energy as I, as Source, entered this dimension. Intense.


Suddenly, I heard some screaming down at the beach. A woman was panicking and I got up and watched from the patio, as I saw some men swimming out towards the riptide. We were unsure what was happening, and we later found out that two of the woman’s friends/family members got pulled out by the riptide, but landed safely at the next beach over. Paramedics showed up and we watched the drama from above feeling the intense energy of the situation.

A little while later, a police officer came over to kick out a shirtless homeless guy who passed out in front of an apartment complex on the bluff overlooking the beach. The officer walked over to the edge of the bluff looking over the edge at the beautiful view, pausing. We could see the struggle inside his head, and how much he hated his job at that moment. He appeared to have a brief impulse to just dive off that cliff.

Suddenly, the officer visibly stiffened, went into bad cop mode, and strutted over and kicked the homeless guy’s beer can, startling him awake. The cop stood there with his hands on his hips, and the homeless guy gets up and starts talking back. The tension builds, and the homeless guy continues being belligerent as the cop gets visibly agitated at him. The tension continued to build until the homeless guy took off, talking back the entire time, trying to provoke the cops into reinforcing his own belief that he is a victim.

The energy settled, and it was a beautiful day. I had beautiful conversations with fellow men, and the medicine continued to work. I started to get visions of shadowy energy that was triggered by the events of the day. I explored within myself – what is the dark energy that has drawn shadow into my life… Visions of my paternal grandmother appeared… I sensed her resentment towards my grandfather, who was a typical man of his generation and culture: emotionally unavailable, at times angry, at times violent. I thought of people (men and women) that I’ve drawn into my life that I’ve helped and still ended up lost to shadow… What is the rescuer archetype that is drawing this into my life? What is it inside me?

The shadowy energy started to form into a gnarly fractal shadow energy enveloping my soul. I deliberately began to dig deep into that energy… It felt as though it was cutting my bubbling organic flesh with black blades, and that blood was dripping. It felt like a black widow spider fractal demon was wrapping around my being. Kinda like this, but terrifying.

I remembered the shaman’s words.

“If you need help, ask for it.”

I approached her and said “I think I need help.” She guided me to listen to the Grandfather Medicine…

“It’s fear. It has to do with acceptance from women.”

She tells me to listen to the medicine.


I let go, and felt the demonic spider consume me, and felt an intense vibration as my vision went to white, and my consciousness disappeared to another dimension. As I came to, I felt the wings of a hawk brushing away energy and the hand of an angel on my back. I looked up and thanked the angel David, and took a stroll to the beach to wet my feet in the ocean, and soak in the divine beauty of the cove we were in.

The Oatmeal created a great piece about resistance and how difficult it is to change our minds and how it creates an emotional backfire effect. Today, I was able to receive the gift events from the universe that helped trigger a release of energy. Recognizing our triggers and deciding to surrender and not to let them control us is the art of the release. There are many tools in the tool chest to develop, as long as we are willing to embrace them.amygdala.png


(Two Years Ago)

A group of twelve of us had spent the day in the jungle, heightened by Grandfather Medicine, exploring the energies of the Amazon. We were Higher Primates exploring the energetic fields of nature. We returned to Sanctuary and one of the monkeys was behaving like a Dark Monkey… Lusting for power, beating his chest, and generally pissing us other monkeys off.

We gathered in a circle around the Mesada. I began at the head of the cross shaped table, and we slowly circled around, with the Dark Monkey directly across from me, emanating lust for power. I saw the rest of the group turning their backs to him, and I just faced him and looked at him. As the energetics of the mesa shifted based on position, I felt the power ebb and flow. When I reached the highest male dominant energy point, a moth began to flutter around me… I raised and lowered the my internal prana energy and noticed as I raised it, the moth would flutter towards the candle flame in front of me, and as I lowered the moth would fly away out of sight.

I heard a message from the Grandfather Medicine:

“Strength over power.”

I began to control the energy with my breath, lowering the energy to a low rumble in my belly, and suddenly, the moth flew up the left sleeve of my t-shirt, and crawled across my chest, centered on my heart. We continued back around the table, and I took a seat in my rocking chair, and the moth crawled out my right sleeve, up my arm, onto my finger, and perched itself there, looking at me.

The shaman rang a chime, and the moth fluttered away.

The shaman beckons me to the mesa, and offers me Singado, which I snort up my nostrils, igniting my sinuses with liquid fire. My eyes water. As I put my fingers back on the table, he whispered in my ear:

“Just surrender, you’re so good at it…
…and remember, it’s about universal, unconditional love.”

I stared at the stone Lanzon, and saw flames emitting from the crown of the stone statue, and felt my entire body radiate universal love. I looked ahead at the tapestry that formed a three dimensional face that was part reflection, part dream, and part God. I felt myself being pulled upward toward the ceiling of the Maloka. I was surrendering and it felt intense for a few moments as if I was lifting off the ground, then the sensation faded.


A few nights ago, I experienced full surrender (and even recalled it this time)… I was at a Sasquatch house, and experienced a ceremony that took me to another dimension.

I set my intention:

“Love and Abundance for my family and soul tribe. Surrender to my life’s purpose. Transmute my self doubt.”

I experienced the bliss of ultimate complete surrender and connected to the collective consciousness of humanity, where I knew that our collective could solve humanity’s problems. We are going to be okay. I received an assignment which was downloaded into my subconscious mind.

“You know what the project is.”

I realized at that moment that it has all been worth it. Miss Rabbit, who was along on the journey with me entered my consciousness and our souls connected profoundly and I was overwhelmed with joy and love. It radiated out of my soul.

On the drive back from Sasquatch Lake, Miss Rabbit and I zoomed along the beautiful mountain road, under beautiful skies, and the following song came on… Life was perfect at that moment.

Leeroy Jenkins!!

Today is Leeroy Jenkins Day.

leeroycardTwelve years ago the original Leeroy Jenkins video was released on It became an Internet meme and has spawned all sorts of hilarity.

World of Warcraft is definitely one of the greatest gaming experiences ever. As game designers, there’s something called emergent behavior, where players discover/create gameplay situations that weren’t planned.

My main character in WoW was Katiepuff, a female gnome mage. One of the most memorable moments was when we were on a Stratholme run, and we screwed up while clearing trash mobs and aggro’d an extra set of ghouls. The ghouls overwhelmed us, and killed Grunbrumbler, our dwarven warrior tank and the rest of the party. There was only two ghouls left, and only Verita, our night elf priest and I were still alive. I killed one of the ghouls, then I ran up to Verita, jumped up and down and typed:


She looked at me, turned her back on me and ran away. The ghouls overtook me and killed me, then she ran all the way back to the entrance (she wanted to save the time we needed to run back from the graveyard to the dungeon) and found that the gates were closed… We could see her fingernails clawing at the iron bars as a ghoul ate her alive.

We died laughing. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard… My stomach hurt for hours afterwards.


In life, I encounter many teachers.

We meet at a crossroads and walk together.

Along a scary, narrow path.

We hold hands and walk slowly.

Because we are afraid to fall.

Eventually, the teacher teaches me to fly.

Then I let go, so the teacher can fly too.

Fly with me.

Grey Jedi Mind Meld

I had a nice visit from a young Jedi the other day. She had a spiritual awakening and has since been struggling with integration into the Matrix, so she reached out to me to be one with the Force together.


Some of the Awesomeness we talked about:


It was a nice, grounding day at the beach. We had sushi nearby for dinner, and the woman at the next table felt our energy and introduced herself, explaining that she had an awakening and connected with us. Messages from the universe.

Happy National DNA Day!

About National DNA Day

National DNA Day commemorates the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953. NHGRI began celebrating DNA Day annually on April 25th after the 108th Congress passed concurrent resolutions designating it as DNA Day. The goal of National DNA Day is to offer students, teachers and the public an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the latest advances in genomic research and explore how those advances might impact their lives.

DNA is amazing. It’s source code for life and reality.

ZDNA is one of the many possible double helical structures of DNA. It is a left-handed double helical structure in which the double helix winds to the left in a zig-zag pattern (instead of to the right, like the more common B-DNA form).

Here’s an amazing TED talk video that visualizes DNA Replication in 3D.

The Wizard of Oz

I went to meet a Wizard.

He had discovered a UFO a few years ago.

This UFO harnesses radiant energy.

It requires two people to fly it, and he’s been looking for a copilot for a while.

Every time he’s let anyone else fly it, they get corrupted by the power, and they use the laser on someone.

I’m ready to fly.